Privacy Policy
Thank you for applying for membership with International Games System (herein as the Company). Your proceeding to use the following services shall mean that you have agreed to exercise your right to indicate consent via electronic messages according to the law, which shall be equally binding as written consent.

In order to ensure that personal information and privacy of the members and consumer rights are protected, the Company may use the personal information in the future and hereby discloses the following information in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
1. Purpose and method of data collection
The Company collects data for the purposes of customer management, membership management and marketing, and internal data collection and analysis. Personal information will be collected via electronic or print forms completed by members.
2. Types of personal information to be collected
The personal information to be collected by the Company will include the following:
1. C001 Information that identifies an individual: e.g. name, address, telephone, photo, email.
2. C002 Information that identifies personal finance: e.g. bank account number.
3. C003 Identification by government data: e.g. ID, uniform number, passport number.
4. C011 Personal description: e.g. age, sex, date of birth.
5. C021 Family status: e.g. marital status.
6. C036 Lifestyle: e.g. consumer preference.
7. C038 Occupation: e.g. occupation.
8. C039 Licenses or other permits: e.g. driver's license.
9. C052 Qualifications or skills: e.g. educational qualification.
10. C081 Income, assets, and investments: e.g. income.
3. Period, region, counterparty, and method of utilization
(1) Period: For as long as the Company continues to operate.
(2) Region: Personal information of the members will be used in Taiwan.
(3) Counterparty and method: In addition to enquiries for membership management and customer management purposes, members' personal information that is collected will be used in the following ways:
     1. Collecting physical items: When a product is entrusted to be delivered, the information will be given to the logistics and mailing services providers to complete the delivery.
     2. Promoting games: The Company will use the addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers for marketing purposes on behalf of the Company or its partners.
     3. Electronic receipts: Within the scope of the specific purposes of integrated electronic receipt services listed by the Ministry of Finance, the Company will upload electronic receipt information to the Ministry of Finance Electronic Receipt Integrated Service Platform ( to be processed by the site for electronic receipt related purposes.
     4. Rights and obligations arising from other contracts between the Company and its members.
4. Member rights regarding personal information
Members may exercise the following rights regarding their own personal information submitted to the Company (unless otherwise specified by the law):
(1) Enquire or request to view.
(2) Request for a copy.
(3) Request to make supplement or correction.
(4) Request to stop collecting, processing, or accessing information.
(5) Request to delete information.
5. An application may be submitted to the Company's customer services if a member wishes to exercise any of the aforementioned rights. In order to protect member rights, the Company shall be entitled to require members to complete applications and provide relevant identification. If a third party is appointed as an agent, the appropriate proxy form and identifications for both individuals shall be presented. The Company may charge an administrative fee if needed.
6. The Company has taken reasonable and necessary preventive measures to protect the rights of its members in order to prevent potential unauthorized disclosure, damage, and alteration of personal information and other situations that may damage member rights.
7. In order to avoid future disputes over member rights, please enter correct personal information. Should any dispute arise from incorrect information (e.g. identity theft) in the future, the Company shall pursue legal actions as needed.
8. The Company is entitled to unilaterally amend the Privacy Policy in response to applicable legislation changes.
9. This policy shall be disclosed permanently on the Company's website, and the members shall have the responsibility to stay informed. Any amendment to this policy shall also be disclosed publicly or be sent to all members via email.